Being an artist, a photographer and a bodybuilder, has given me an extra edge in photography. I have the eye for creativity. My collective skills allow me to notice proper angles and poses which work best to bring out the most impressive result for each individual. I also know how to work a person’s muscle and/or body to get the best images that my clients deserve, expect, and will notice on prints. I have covered many fields of photography from photo sessions with new parents and their babies, mothers to be, sweet sixteens ceremonies, family portraits, modeling portfolios, weddings, landscapes, acting head shots, glamour head shots, video head shots, sports photography, interior design photography, fashion shows, artistic and personal photography, and other special events. If you want it done and done right ... you're looking at the photographer that does it all. I was the house photographer for two modeling/acting agencies. I have done photography assignments for "Contemporary Hairstyle" and “Trend” hairstyle magazines. I have done photography for off Broadway billboard posters. You will also find my photography skills on published book covers and many publish fashion magazines as well. My work can also be seen on front covers of fashion magazines, the inside illustrations, several books’ back covers, and authors’ portrait pictures. I was personally selected to be the photographer for a special ceremonial event with Rudy Giuliani when he was Mayor of New York. My photography has taken me to cover other high-profile celebrities. I have also done photography for a major calendar. I love what I do. Nothing fulfills me more than being able to grant my client’s vision by using my skills as a photographer.


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Rich Simpson